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Muddy River Restoration

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Muddy River Restoration rendering

Muddy River Park and Parklands Restoration is a multi-phase restoration project of the Muddy River Parklands section of Frederick Law Olmsted’s famed Emerald Necklace Park system. The Alliance has led a 25 year advocacy effort to 1) raise awareness of the need for flood mitigation and river and park restoration, 2) secure federal funding and 3) involve the United States Army Corps of Engineers to implement this critical project.


In 1996, the Fenway Alliance launched what ultimately became a multi-phase $92 million restoration to reverse the damage inflicted by decades of neglect and a series of devastating flood events in the 1990s.


The Maintenance and Management Oversight Committee (MMOC) is a state-appointed committee. The Fenway Alliance was appointed by the Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environment to serve on the MMOC at its conception. The public has been involved in the Muddy River Restoration Project (the “Project”) since the start of the MEPA (Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act) review of the Project. This project is now in Phase 2. 

Fenway Alliance Co-Executive Director Kelly Brilliant is the current Chair of the MMOC. 

Please click here for a PDF overview of the Muddy River Restoration Project created for a walking tour led by MMOC Chair Fran Gershwin for the 2021 Opening Our Doors Festival.

Please visit the MMOC website through the link below to learn more about this historic restoration project. 

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